Grass Roots
Committed to Promoting the Principles of Limited Government, Constitution, Representative Government,
Participatory Republic, Free Market Economy, Family and Separation of Powers

What is Grass Roots?

Grass Roots is unlike any other organization which issues a legislative report card because it is not a special interest group representing one particular area of interest. Its only interest is helping to ensure that every man, woman, and child may enjoy the benefits of good government.

The Constitution of the nation and state are the guidelines which Grass Roots uses in picking issues for its legislative report card. Bills are picked without regard to any particular individual. Grass Roots has been issuing its annual report since 1992.

Grass Roots is commited to the Principles of Limited Government, the State and U.S. Consitutions, Representive Government, Participatory Democracy, a Free Market Economy, Separation of Powers, and Family.

Grass Roots thanks the many individuals who help in the publication of each and every document we publish.

Feedback is welcome through any of our officers.

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